Our Process

Delivering measurable value

Our process is simple

Our friendly experts work hard to make each interaction as enjoyable and productive as possible. Our process is:

  • Easy Our friendly experts will guide you through the process, explaining everything to you in plain English. You will always know where things stand, and you don’t need to be technical. We handle all the technical details for you.
  • Fast We start with proven online marketing models for your industry. Building on that base, we ensure that you have the best solution delivered quickly and with quality.
  • Results-focused We make sure that your site can be found and that it is effectively converting visitors, and hopefully taking customers away from your competitors. Along the way we make adjustments to improve your results.
  • Guaranteed If you are not satisfied with the result, you don’t pay.
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We consider multiple sources

We use the following sources when designing your website:

  • Your corporate strategies and goals. This includes your goals for the new website.
  • Your existing website, if you have one.
  • Your existing brand colors, typography, logo, and existing marketing and other print media.
  • Your favorite websites to understand your overall design preferences.
  • Competitor sites that are ranking.

If you are considering a competitor who does use these elements as part of their base design process, switch to Cataluma! You have the benefits of an affordable website subscription together with quality design and implementation.

Start your subsciption today

Partnership starts here

Our process focuses on establishing strong, productive relationships with our clients. Our friendly design and operations experts use industry-leading approaches to ensure that your website is delivered quickly and with quality. Here are the key phases.


We learn about your company, your goals, market and competitors, your desired look and feel.


We rapidly implement your website, using a proven industry model and your feedback as guidance.


Your website goes live once you are satisfied. Our friendly experts take care of all the technical details for you.


We provide all the necessary support and maintenance going forward. We also provide periodic reviews to ensure that you are seeing the results you expect from the site.

Discovery and development take days not weeks or months. You'll see your in-progress website almost immediately!

Migrating an existing site?

If you are signing up for a new subscription, we will start with a marketing model we know will bring results for your company. If you have capabilities on your current website that are outside the subscription plan, they will be supported if there is an appropriate add-on. If there is no add-on available, then we can accommodate you via custom website development.

We test everything

Firstly, we use the best tools in the industry to develop quality, error-free code quickly. Next, we develop sites using proven methodologies that ensure that the website is testable from the start. These methodologies enable us to make rapid changes to the website without introducing errors. Before the site goes live we ensure that all the entire site is error-free, both on the visible elements and also the back-end code that works in the background. That way we know the likelihood of a bad visitor experience is reduced as much as possible.

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